Monday, 16 August 2010

My Cherry On Top Award!!!

Ok five things I have to do.

~1~ Thank the person who gave it to me. A great big thank you to Julie (AKA Elysia 2003). I didn't even realise till i was blog hopping!

~2~ Paste the award on your blog. Done! It's the lovely picture above.

~3~ List three things I like about myself. Hmmm, this is difficult!  I think i am a good listener, always try to help when i can and am very caring.

~4~ Post a photo you love

This is me and my family on our recent holiday to Turkey. It is one of the only ones i have of the 5 of us together!

~5~ Tag five people who you would like to have this award - Now this is really difficult.

  1. Lynda of  A Little of What you Fancy
  2. Amy of  Crafty Amy
  3. Julie of  Crafty Juju
  4. Beccy of Beccys Place
  5. Lyn of  Spyders Corner
I would like to say a great big thank you to everyone who looks at my blog and to all the people who have helped and inspired me with my crafting!!


Uma said...

bless , lovely photo

PepPop said...

Congratulations. Jaqui x