Friday, 8 October 2010

Ear Trust - Repost from Craftygranny

This is a REPOST from Trisha aka Craftygranny:

As most of my blogger friends know my darling grandaughter carly who's 3 is profoundly deaf. She had a cochlear implant op in jan 2010 and it has changed her life completely. She can now hear as well as you or me with her implants in. I wanted to do something to thank the implant centre and Chris Raine the amazing surgeon who did so much for her. I had no idea where to start but the lovely Dragonllew asked her friend janette from stamping dragon designs if she could help and she did us an amazing snail digi which she has kindly given us permission to sell to fundraise . She also did me a fab christmas version too. Both versions are available to buy for 1.50 each from me .The email address for paypal payments is Please state whether you'd like the santa snail or normal.

Here are a few examples of what Trisha has done with them so far:

I know it's a big ask but if you could help we would be very grateful. I will have to email them out myself and will do so as soon as possible.

I have put the badge in my sidebar and brought the digi myself, so please do the same £1.50 isn't alot, but it will go a long way for the charity!

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PepPop said...

Great post Kelly - I think I'll get the Christmas one.