Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Plea!!!

Hi everyone,

I have a huge favour to ask.  A good friend of mine has asked me to make her a few christening cards for the godparents, her 3 chuldren will all be getting christened at the same time age ranging from 9 to 1.  I have scoured the internet and my collection but haven't been able to find a suitble stamp i like. I would like to represent the 3 children in some way, so images of a baby in a christening gown aren't quite what i am looking for.

If anyone has any ideas please email me at



Annette said...

Hi teamie, I'm sorry Kelly that I can't suggest an image, but if you want a sentiment I'd be happy to make you one to your supplied wording if that helps? Have a look at my blog freebies and if you like my style of sentiments let me know and I'll have a play. It is the only help I can offer, but I know they're not to everyone's taste. Annette xx (ps what about trying a tri-fold card with 3 different images, one child each getting their own page?)

Kristine og Elisabeth said...

Many pretty cards!
I like them very mush