Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I need to make my fil a birthday card for tomorrow, but not quite sure what to do. I have the image that i want but not quite sure how i am going to do it, it has a front and a back, i was thinking maybe making and apeture and doing like that but then i'm not sure what to do with the background of it,  so i would appreciate any ideas.


Anda said...

Could you stick the image to the front of a card, then cut around with a craft knife to form a shaped aperture? You could then stick the back image inside the card (Hope that makes sense!)

For a background, you could download some free golf patterned papers although if it were me I would use a relatively unfussy green paper (Have a look at the birthday card I did for my dad recently to see what I mean) and cover the front of the card and the inside where the image would be so it matches.

Hopefully that makes sense! I love the image and I'm sure you will make an excellent card.

PepPop said...

I had a look on google and found this one - you could maybe use this for inspiration.

Jaqui x

cowboydutrem said...

You could make an aperture, and stick the double-sided image in the aperture, front facing the front of the card, back visible when you open the card. The image could be glued to the bottom of the aperture, either by the man's feet or by adding grass for a larger area to glue.