Friday, 12 November 2010

A work in progress

This is a birthday card holder i am making.  The idea is it will have 12 pockets, 1  for each month for you sto store cards in for the year.  It will also have a list for each month too.  I intend to make 4 altogether, 1 for my nan, 1 for my husbands nan, 1 for my father in law and 1 for my mum.  This is the first one, which i started last night and is the 'shell'.  As i said a work in progress.


INSIDE - i know this looks a mess but it will look alot better when finished (i hope!)


Sarah said...

Can't wait to see this finished!

CT19720 said...

Thanks for sharing Kelly. I will try to make one at the weekend if I get some spare time. I'd already thought about enought coordinating papers - so need to really check through my stash to see what I have. Can't wait to see the finished thing though x

Scrappy Scatty said...

Oh wow what an excellent idea xx

artydoll said...

looks like you have made a great start,looking forward to the finished holder .