Wednesday 23 May 2012

Colouring Tutorial

Hi everyone, 

A little while there was a conversation on Facebook about the correct colours for Forever Friends Bears.  As you will know i am more of a Promarker user than Copics, although i do use them occasionally.  So i decided to share how i do my Forever Friend Bears with Promarkers.


The colours i have used are:
Sunkissed Pink
Cocktail Pink
Pale Pink
Cool Grey 1, 2 and 3
I used Rymans 200gsm Bright White Coated Card
The stamp is from the Forever Friends New Arrivals Set
PLEASE NOTE:  I am not trained in anyway and am completely self taught.  I have followed numerous tutorials myself and just thought i would share how i do things.
So lets get started
 Using Oatmeal go around the edge of the head
 Now go over the Oatmeal with Vanilla, dragging the Oatmeal out
 Go around the edge again with Oatmeal
 Over again vanilla dragging it out more
 Keep repeating 

 More vanilla
 Now add in Ivory.  You need to do this TWICE.  I used the chisel end for quickness
 Now do the arms using the same process as the head

 Now the tummy and Feet

 Now the pads and ears.  Using Coral go around the edge as shown
 Then Sunkissed pink over the top of the Coral
 Now with Pale Pink, go over the whole lot.
 I wanted a pinker effect so i went over it again with Sunkissed Pink
 The Blossom 
 Still not what i wanted so i went round the edge with Cocktail pink and coloured the whole thing with Blossom
 Now for the bunny,  I did this grey this time but i would probably do it pink, lemon or blue depending on the recipient of the card.
 Using Cool Grey 3 (above) go around the edge the go over it dragging it out slightly with Cool Grey 2
 Go over it all with Cool Grey 1
 Then repeat the process leaving Cool Grey 2 out.
 Using Cocktail Pink, give the bunny some rosey cheeks ( i noticed i missed this out on the bear, but i would do the same process as with the bunny) and just inside the ears

Then blend in with Pale Pink
And here is the finished bear the morning after, when it is completely dry.  If you feel it hasn't blended enough go over the whole bear with Ivory.

I hope this has been useful for you.  If there is something in particular you would like to see coloured please leave a comment and i will do my best to help!

Thank you for looking x

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Linda Simpson said...

Thank you Kelly for your step by step photos of how you have coloured you bear in! He looks fabulous.

Linda xxx

Bhawana said...

Thanks so much Kelly for putting efforts for posting coloring tutorial. I had been a poor student in art in my school days so my coloring is always which I dont like. This tutorial would help me in understanding. Thanks once again.


Tracy @ Cardmaker's Delights said...

Fantastic tutorial Kelly, thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us! Tracy x

Dawn said...

Great colouring Tutorial Kelly!
Dawn x

Debbie said...

Hey Kelly great tutorial my dear - Ted looks brilliant and your photos are easy to follow. :)

NanaConnie said...

Oooo, Kelly, your fabulous photos just make this tutorial! Thanks so much. I've never taken any classes either but this is so helpful. I know I can improve my coloring skills just following the steps you do.

That Craft Place Ltd said...

Hi Kelly,
This is brilliant. He looks as good as the original! Really great colouring. xxxxxx
Catch ya on Facebook soon !
Lisa xxx

Jacqueline Baxter said...

Hi Kelly

Thank you for taking the time to write this tutorial. It has help me out alot as I didn't know where to start.